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Engine block 4 cyl L-head gear to gear drive NEW MADE
4 cyl L-head cylinder blocks which fits WILLYS MB CJ2A CJ3A M38 and FORD GPW
Oil filter element with gaskets
C-4P oil filter element for WILLYS MB, FORD GPW, early CJ2A and some M38 and M38A1 Diameter 105mm...
Oil filter element with gaskets CJ2A/3A/3B/5/6
C-3 filter element for L and F head engines with the small oilfilter. Diameter 97mm height 107mm.
Dipstick oil wth cap late
WILLYS MB January 1943 - September 1945
SEK 220
Oil filler tube early
WILLYS MB January 1942 - January 1943